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has arrived.

Self-driving is a new type of technology that offers riders another reliable way to get around. Be one of the first to experience a self-driving ride through your Lyft app today.

Why take your first self-driving ride through Lyft?



Lyft has completed over 100,000 self-driving rides with real people on real roads.

Request a ride and experience this new technology so that together we can bring more safe, accessible transportation to people everywhere.



A ride for every route.

Choose a self-driving ride alongside other transportation options in the Lyft app so you’ll always have a safe, reliable way to get around even when self-driving may not be available, like in bad weather or on complex routes.



Know what to expect with every ride on an app you already have.

Self-driving rides are comfortable, reliable, and have trained operators up front. Requesting a self-driving ride is easy: just use your Lyft app. No new downloads or sign-ups required.

How to request a self-driving ride from your Lyft app.

Lyft Autonomous
Lyft Autonomous
Lyft Autonomous
Lyft Autonomous
Request your ride

Try a pickup and drop-off location within our current service area in the Lyft app. If there’s a self-driving ride available, select it as you would any other Lyft ride.

Meet your ride

Meet your car curbside. To ensure a smooth ride, a trained operator sits up front for now.

After your ride

Rate your trip and send us your thoughts on the ride. Your feedback will directly improve self-driving for everyone.

Experience Self-Driving

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a self-driving ride through Lyft?

From rideshare to bikes to scooters, Lyft is constantly innovating new ways to get around. Self-driving is a new ride type that you can request in select markets. Lyft partners with leading autonomous companies across the country to help you access this new technology, right from your app.

Why is Lyft making self-driving technology available to riders?

In the US alone, traffic collisions kill over 35,000 people a year and 9 out of every 10 crashes result from human error. With self-driving, we’re improving safety, increasing access to transportation, and ensuring everyone has a way to get around, wherever they are. This technology is yet another way Lyft is improving people’s lives with the world’s best transportation.

Will I be able to see what the car sees?

Every vehicle is equipped with a display so you can check out what the car sees, and view how it perceives and responds to the world around it.

Where can I learn more about the self-driving cars I’d request through Lyft?

Head over to Motional to learn more about our partners and their self-driving technology.

Where and when can I experience a self-driving ride?

Right now, you can request a self-driving ride within parts of Las Vegas. If there’s a self-driving ride nearby, it’s yours to experience. If there isn’t one available, you can still get to your destination on time with another Lyft option.

Why are there people in the self-driving car?

All vehicles have trained safety operators up front for a safe, comfortable ride. They constantly monitor the vehicle’s systems and surrounding environment, ready to take control of the vehicle should they need to.

Can I change my destination as I would in a classic Lyft ride?

Right now, self-driving cars require a predetermined route before they can complete a ride. This means you’ll need to provide your pickup and destination in the Lyft app ahead of time. If you need to change either location, please cancel the ride, free of charge, and request another Lyft.

Where can I get help with my self-driving ride?

Lyft’s dedicated Trust & Safety team can assist around the clock through our Critical Response Line. However, if you’re having an emergency, please always call 911 first.